Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quaker RR Pictures!

Quaker ready to go to Wendy! I've had this one finished for a week, just have been way to busy for anything! I know mine will be early, but I figured that would be ok.

Starting on Feathered Friends Exchange tonight. Can't show that picture, but I am excited to get started. Also, plan to start Quaker Christmas tonight also! Just gotta put a few stitches in that one!

We are down to 15 day of school. I've had to stay after 2 days in a row, trying to finish up our paperwork for our incentive program that I'm in charge of for our school. It's worth $900 dollars for me, so I definitely want to make sure that it's right. I'm thinking of buying a needlework system like Vonna has. Hmmm, I keep reading up on them.

Jacob had his spring concert last night, we have our banquet next weekend. Busy times! I can't wait for summer, then I'll be able to slow down for awhile!

Hope everyone has a great night!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A fellow sweetie needs cheering up.....

Hi all, if you could, send Vonna's daughter some sunshine! Please leave a comment for Katie at
I know that it would make Katie's day!
Sending sunshine and hugs to Katie!


Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Monday!

My weekend is over and taking care of my SIL has opened my eyes to how much my MIL does for April! MS is slowly taking my SIL away from us. She is so thin, I didn't even say a word about how many Reece's Peanut Butter cups she ate, unlike Aunt Yvonne fussing how many she's eaten. I say, let her eat as many as she wants. As to the smoking issue, yes she did smoke, but only a couple times, my BIL smoked more than I could count. She sleeps an awfully lot. I didn't stitch over there, just didn't want to chance the smell.

I feel stitch deprived! Must makeup for not stitching this past weekend. I heard from Anna that she received my PS exchange, so I can show pictures of what I sent her! Anna, was my first exchange partner! Such a sweetie!

We are down to 22 days of school left! The shrieks of joy can be heard throughout our school! After this week of testing, then it will turn into a playtime for the school, lots of parties, field trips, field days and more will be happening at our school. Ah, summertime is coming!

I got my linen from Elegant Stitch, it is beautiful! Can't wait to get started on Quaker Christmas!

Well, I'm gonna try to finish up Quaker RR to send to Wendy later this week, plus I'd like to start on my Quaker critter! I've chosen the mouse!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can we say menopause?

Ok, Edgar, I know you read my blog, so try to ignore the female junk if possible! I went to the doctor today and he has informed me that I have started the menopause stage! Yikes! I'm 41 years old, but had to have a hysterectomy almost 10 years ago. So I've been waiting for it to happen. I was hoping that it wouldn't start until my 50's but not my luck. So I start meds today to try and help with a heat flashes and the flushing. That's what bothers me the most. I know my husband told me that he thought that was what was wrong.
Now on to stitching news. I ordered my linen yesterday for Quaker Christmas! I'm gonna start that as soon as possible. I've got my pattern ready to start for my Quaker Workbasket critter!
I'm stitching away on the Quaker rr, loving that one! Don't forget the Needlework show is up and running. I took a sneak peek earlier today, I have already found a couple of things that I love. sigh
I'm never gonna stitch everything that I want! I keep buying stuff! But, it's so much fun!
I will be taking care of my SIL April this weekend, so I won't be on the online much. April has MS so I'm gonna help out by caring for her while my MIL visit my nephew. He graduates from his Army training on Monday the 21st. Wish me luck with April. She smokes and I hate that smoke smell, I won't even be able to stitch over there because I don't want my linen to get that nasty smoke smell on it! Yuke. I wished she didn't smoke. Look what smoking has done to my Momma and my hubby. Lung disease for my Momma, and 3 heart attacks for my hubby! Neither of them smoke now.
Sorry to vent about that! Will post pictures tomorrow, camera battery charging tonight!
Daisy Girl

Monday, April 14, 2008

More pictures that go with post!

Loads of pics to share!

What a week followed by a busy weekend. The exchange picture is what I received from Carla from Peru! I love the little sheep pillow she made for me! It's perfect! She also sent me patriotic material and a Bent Creek pattern and some awesome floss! Thanks you!!!!!

We were lucky finding Jason some shoes at the mall! Look at his shoe next to mine! We could only find New Balance shoes for him, but he says they feel good, that's all that matters.

That's my niece Madeleine on her birthday party Saturday. She loves the Magic Tree House series, I got her 2 of the newest ones and a cute little yellow outfit. Happy Birthday to my girl! She got her very own cell phone! She has already texted me a message!

I had to show off my Daisy girl kitty! And, what I have gotten completed on my Quaker RR! It is looking beautiful!

I'm hoping Anna soon gets her exchange! I sent my Ewe to you partner Chris this, I worked so hard on making that pin keep perfectly round! I was able to get a couple of patterns that were on her wish list, so yeehaw for that.

We are down to 27 days of school left! Can you say Hooray!!!!!!! Summer time is coming!

Well, off to stitch awhile!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Where did my free week go?

This week has been spring break for us, and darn it, it's already Friday! I've had something to do everyday, even today is packed full, shoe shopping for Jason. It's so hard to find that boy shoes. He wears a size 14 1/2, extra wide. Hardly nobody carries that size in stock. So wish us luck on shoe shopping at the mall today!

I mailed out my Ewe to ewe exchange on Tuesday, hoping my partner will receive it soon. Plus I mailed my HFFRR to Cheryl!

I just got my Quaker rr in the mail yesterday and I've already put a dent in my part of the rr. Just love one color stitching!

Thanks to all who wished Jacob a happy birthday. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of our flower wall we planted on Tuesday. Hope they do well and spread out and fill up the retaining wall.

Post later!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Jacob's holding his new guitar!

Jacob wanted a guitar for his birthday, so off to the guitar shop we went! He is very happy with the one he picked out! He can already strum a few songs. Did I say he was a musical genius? hahaha. No kidding though, he will pick this instrument up pretty quickly.
Thanks to all his birthday wishes! He thanks you all!
Anna, I've mailed your exchange today. Hope it gets to you soon!
Well, gonna go plant some flowers in the retaining wall! Will post later!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jacob!

Happy Birthday to my youngest son Jacob! Born April 3, 1992 at 7:48pm Where did 16 years go? Looking back at these pictures made Momma so sad, and yet I'm so proud of you! You started out so small, and look at you now. You walked when you were 7 months old, you were very smart right from the start, reading books by 15 months! I know you will succeed in life and I love you!
I wish you the best birthday, I know you told me that you really didn't care if we did anything for your special day, but I hope you decide for a party just for you and your crew of friends! Co-ed party!
Happy Birthday My Son!
I love you!