Sunday, October 28, 2007

Working on RR for Lizzy!

I've gotten the border finished and have started on the inside of the square. Seems to be stitching up nicely. I've mailed Cheryl's F&S the other day, so hopefully she will get her squares soon! I'm working on my SBEBB Christmas ornie, so can't show that, my PS exchange is stitched, just need to put it together.

Halloween is just around the corner, I hope we get some trick or treaters this year. Most of the kids in the neighborhood are teenagers. So unsure how much candy to buy. I bought 8 bags last year. I've got 4 bags right now.

The weather has cooled off for now, we didn't really get any rain, we are still in a drought, the whole state has been also informed to use 10% to 15 % less water. We are not flushing the toilets as much, we are trying to save water and reuse shower water to water my potted plants on my porch. We need rain! Supposedly we only have like 80 days of water left, Lake Lanier/Chattahoochee is our main water source, so don't know what will happen. The boys are like, I'll save a shower for tomorrow-teen boys are kinda smelly! haha

Till later!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tanya tagged me.......

So I have to tell 7 things about myself:
1. I like to drink my Coke flat! (my husband can't stand this!)
2. I'm so picky about borrowing out my books, I cannot stand the pages to be creased or spine broken. I can read a book and the book looks new.
3. I hate bugs. I gladly pay a bug man!
4. I placed third in a college voice meet! I sang Memories.
5. I also used to sing in a country band called The Bitter Creek Country Band when I was 18. Momma wouldn't let me go to Nashville with the band.
6. I am a Queen in a past life! All bow to me! hahaha
7. I hate being alone!

Well, that's 7 small details about me! Who to tag? If you are reading my blog then you are tagged! I'll drop a reminder to the following! Anna, Cheryl, (by the way, thanks for the smile award Cheryl!) Marie, Vonna(I know you get tagged all the time), Michelle, Edgar and Lizzy! Please feel free to play along, don't stress if you forget to play!

Cheryl, start watching the postman! Wahoo! It's on it's way to you!
Just think Christmas is only 8 weeks away! I have been listening to Christmas music since end of September! It helps put me in a good mood for work. Here lately, I've needed it! They aren't gonna hire another worker, we are just gonna work ourselves to death! I'm so needing a break! Hurry up Thanksgiving break!

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Edited to add pictures!

Blogger is being stinky! I'll try to post pictures later!

Happy Birthday to My Sister Judy!

I want to wish my baby sister a wonderful birthday! I got to spend Saturday with her, we had so much fun! We went out to eat, went to Abecedarius, her local LNS, flea market fun and more! I'm so happy to have her joining me in the love of cross stitching! Yeah Judy! Check out my stash that I picked up today! So excited about all the new stuff! Check out my Halloween Man, he's made of a heavy tin metal! He is so vintage! I love him!
Cheryl, I plan to mail your squares on Monday! My sister loves it!
My brother finally had his stent removed from his kidney, I know he is feeling so much better! It took 3 surgeries to remove the biggest stone I've ever seen! Monster stone! My stones are babies compared to his! Glad he's feeling better! The family's coming over tomorrow for a cookout, we are gonna smoke some chickens again, they didn't get to come last time we smoked some chickens.
Congrats to Judy also for passing her exam, she is once again qualified to teach school again! She can teach now if she wants.
Well, sorry I haven't posted all week, I've been busy with school and the band, football season is winding down! Thank goodness!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks Cheryl for the award!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lots to post!

Update on my square, I stayed up late last night working on Cheryl's square. It's coming together, gonna stitch again tomorrow! Hope to finish this week.

My kitty Boo Boo captured a tiny chipmunk yesterday, we tried to save it from the cat, it managed to hide in the wood pile on the back porch, but unfortunately the little critter passed away today, we buried him out in the yard. I'm such a tender heart when it comes to animals. I really had hoped that the little thing would have made it. It's in heaven now.

I've decorated for Halloween, that's my mantel with all the pretties up. My Marie Osmond doll that my Momma gave me, I love it, I made the little pumpkin light covers, the B O O, I love to decorate for the holidays.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! I'm off tomorrow! No school! Yeah!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Quick post for now!

We lost our football game last night, 42-6, what a beating. But, the band had their best performance ever! No one dropped their flags or was out of step! Perfect! Jacob I think is thinking about trying out for the pit for the winter program competition, you'd think he'd be tired. I know I am. We will be performing the music from Spamalot! We saw the play on Broadway in New York earlier this year. I'm excited about the costumes, I'll be making a bunch again. As my husband says, just shoot her, she can't say no! Hey, what am I on this earth for? My children! If they need or want it, I find a way!

The quilt shops having a sale today, gonna stop by to check out the material!

I finished my PS ornie, need to assemble it, working like mad on Cheryl's, why, oh why did I use the gold linen? This linen has gold flecks in it! It's beautiful, but hard to see the holes.

Well, off to the store!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is what I stitched for Valerie!

I checked the SBEBB and Valerie received my package, so I can now show you all what I did for her. I stitched a Just Nan design-CrowJackers, turned it into a treat bag and stuffed it with candy, a Just Nan Whimzie, I also made her a Halloween ghost pin and sent along a cute fat quarter of spooky material! She liked what I did for her! Yeah! I was so worried. I even emailed Vonna about whether it looked good enough! Silly me.

Jacob took the picture of me and my kitty while I was recovering and resting. Hair is very straight in that picture!

As soon as my camera recharges itself I'll also post a picture of my PS ornie, I'm very excited to be just about done, working away on Cheryl's F&S, I am such a slacker, I have yet to start on Lizzy's RR. I was hoping to finish my 2 ornies this week so I could start this weekend on the RR.

Well, gotta go pick Jacob up at the library and go to Subway for dinner. I'm not cooking! John's working late tonight so I'm gonna make it a easy night! Yahoo!

Have a great evening everyone!


Friday, October 5, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggetty jig!

"Edited tonight"

Recovering nicely now, glad it's over! I'm fine, they found Diverticulosis and Erythematous something, all fixable with meds and fiber! Go, go fiber! I'm laughing as I type! I will take something called Amzita forever now if I want to use the restroom. Oh well, it could be worse!
Hubby is home, I'm gonna try to talk him into taking me to the cross stitch shop after my nap. hehehe. I'm not allowed to drive today.
I started on my PS exchange and my F&S square. I need some floss to continue. Oh Johnny!
Well, gonna take a little nap and rest!
Thanks for all the well wishes! My stitching friends are the best!

"edited tonight!"

Look what came in the mail! Cheryl sent me my Fair & Square blocks today. They are fabulous! I did take a nap, I ended up sleeping all afternoon. So I didn't get to the shop, I'll have to go later another day. I really wasn't up to going, but the thought was wonderful.
Thank you Cheryl!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Look What the Halloween Fairy Brought Me!

The day of all days to receive something in the mail! I was so excited! Carol, you rock! I love the fob! It is my first one and it is beautiful! You sent so many goodies, I'm overwhelmed. Thank you so much. I love the LK pattern, I'm gonna try and get it stitched before Halloween. I'm a big Halloween nut, and the towels are gonna look super in the kitchen. I was supposed to decorate today for the holiday, but decided to wait till another better day.

I mailed Valerie's Halloween exchange today, so hopefully in the next couple of days you all can see what goodies I did for her!

Thanks to all who wished me a good prep day! My stomach hurts so bad, the poison they make you drink, OMG, it has just about killed me :(

Kathy, yes I did get my floss! Thank you so much! What a wonderful gesture and aren't stitchers the best people!

And, everyone needs to sing a birthday greeting to my new friend Edgar! It's his birthday and he is in my RR group! His stitching rocks!

The men in my family are gonna sneak to Burger King for dinner and eat there so I won't see! hahaha, just you wait!

Well, signing off for now, may be back later!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Home for the next couple of days!

I'm gonna be home Thursday and Friday. It's not a glad couple of days. I am having a colonoscopy done on Friday, Thursday is prep day. Remember my cat scan I had, well, the doctor thought he saw something, so now I'm gonna have this test. I'm dreading the prep stage.

Think good thoughts Donna!

I have my Halloween exchange completed and ready to mail! I'm so excited, I sure hope she likes it. I picked up the floss colors to get started on Lizzy's RR. I've decided to stitch Emmaline Whitcomb as my design. I really like the girls with the quilt. And since I do quilt I thought it'd be perfect for me! I'm really loving these color choices!

For Cheryl's Fair & Square I'm gonna choose a Lizze Kate Christmas design! I even got lucky and found the matching buttons for the design! How cool is that!

John's Mom's birthday is coming up soon, what do you want Shirley? I know you read my blog! John was wondering what you'd like! Look how long Jacob's hair is getting, Grandmama! He wants to grow it long! I think all the kids are growing their hair hippie style. Doesn't he look like Johnny?

I've folded Lizzy's RR so everyone can see what it looks like before I add my square.

I can't post my Halloween goodies until my exchange partner gets it! My boss sure liked it! So do I!

Well, I'm gonna call it a night with this post, I've got to see how all my blogging buddies are doing! Night everyone!