Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas with Johnny! I just love this picture of us together! He puts up with my mood swings, thanks hormones! Johnny has been to good to me. A brand new 3 diamond anniversary ring for 25 years of marriage. He knows I adore jewelry! What girl doesn't? hahaha. 
I decided on stitching Blackbirds Design, the Paris Noel stocking. It will be quick, and I will change Noel to Love for Valentine's Day. I'm off to go pull threads and linen! Joy!
I shall be back!

Hi Friends!
I took the tree decorations down yesterday. I hate taking the tree down, but I want to have a clean house for the New Years Eve party. I know it will only be us here, the boys will most likely be working, but I'll have my normal snacky foods waiting to be gobbled up by hungry tummys! :)
Filigram Snowballs
Isn't this amazing! I love it! I'm seriously thinking about getting this pattern! 
Today will be spent picking and pulling threads. I know I'm still working on the Six Fat Men, lol. I keep getting pulled to do other things!
I'm thinking of a sweet Valentine project too. I don't have alot of Valentine things for my mantel, so I might try to get something made for my Feb. mantel.
I shall be back!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Love my little Huckleberry !

New puppy on the horizon! Hope my cats don't hate me!

I'm very excited about our new puppy Huckleberry. We did have a stressful Christmas eve with the owner(Mel) calling me with frantic news that the puppy wasn't eating. So off to the er vet clinic, puppy was starving since the momma dog wasn't nursing him anymore. So antibiotics and I sent my boys out to pick up puppy formula, and now we seem to have a happy puppy again.

On Christmas day I got to nurse him, he was so hungry, but after he drank two bottles, he settled down and was content. He was born on the 3rd of December, so we are gonna get him around Jan. 19. I'm so excited! Can't you tell! lol. I'm downloading a app to my phone so I will be able to upload pictures to my blog, so I'm hoping that will help me be a better blogger! Especially on Tuesday Hooty Girl nights! 

Catch y'all later! Gotta clean! Ugh!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where have I been?

Hmmm, let me kinda took over and I was consumed with it! I had let my myself become depressed, it has been hard becoming my own person again. Especially when the past 23 years have including being a momma and a wife. A person spends all their time raising, helping, encouraging their children, that when they become older, graduate and become their own person, a momma kinda gets lost. Sooooo, I've kept myself so busy that I forgot to do something that made me happy. I love blogging and after a sweet email to ask if I was gonna continue blogging, I said yes! So here I am again.

Am I still cross stitching? Yes! I will always cross stitch. It has been harder with my vision, so I haven't been able to stitch as long as I'd like. So I stitch in shorter time blocks.

I'm hating the new Blogger changes. Ugh!!! I am not able to make the background how I want it. Any suggestions?

Did everyone have a wonderful Christmas? I know we did, we all have been blessed, and I was happy all my boys were able to be home! This is my new puppy Huckleberry. He is a Chiweenie! I've got 3 more weeks till he gets to come home and live with me always! I'm excited!

I am gonna spend the next couple of days resting and recouping before school starts back on the 3rd of Jan. Plus I've got to pick a new cross stitch project! I have so many choices! Gotta decide! Decisions! Decisions!

I shall be back!
Hugs to all! ♥

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I have never more quickly went thru $1000 bucks faster than I did this weekend! I received my bonus from work and whew! It's all gone! Paid a credit card off, paid for my vacation, paid bills, ordered my new glasses! That was a chunk of money there! Ordered my SK11 stuff for my face, ordered cross stitch goodies and a new quilt book! Which I have a picture of. Plus bought fireworks for my 4th of July party! I can spend some money fast! lol
The heat here in GA has been insane! 109 registered in Athens! Wow! Its hot here! Be careful out there my friends. Don't forget about our pets too!
After I look at my new book, I'll tell y'all more about it! The book is beautiful! It's spiral bound with pockets and full size patterns! Makes me want to quilt again!
It's late and tomorrow is another packed day for me!

Monday, June 11, 2012

We are home from our trip in Florida. We went to Pensacola. It was a very nice trip and I had a great time on the beach. I wish we could stay there always! It was very peaceful just sitting there watching the ocean. We got lucky, it started raining on the day we left, and it's still raining there today. I feel bad for the ones who showed up at the hotel on Saturday. Pensacola Beach was nice! Especially the beaches that were in Fort Pickens State Park. There were only 3 people on the beach!

I also went to the Pensacola Lighthouse on the Naval base. I climbed to the very top! 177 steps! Wahoo! I love lighthouses! Makes me want to visit them all!

I'm home now, and trying to recover from my vacation. I postponed my IV treatment cause of my vacation, so I hope I don't have too much pain since I moved my appointment. I have to wait till the end of June. Cross my fingers.

Hoping everyone is happy and safe!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last day of school! I am totally wiped out, physically and emotionally! Watching my 5th graders do their final walk is so hard. I cry the entire time, plus hug as many kids that reach out for me. I view these kids as my kids! hahahaha   These kids touch my heart every year. This past school year was especially  poignant for me as I have watched them as kindergartners up to 5th grade.  So is was hard to watch them go. I know that many of them touched my heart and I will not forget them.
I haven't been able to cross stitch as much as I'd like. I go back to the eye doctor tomorrow, I hope the tear in my retina is better, I soo need new glasses. lol
I have so many projects just waiting to be started! I want to make those birds from SamSarah. I can't wait for the new Halloween issue and the Ornament issue.
I've been such a bad blogger again, I hope to do better since summer vacation is here for me!
Hugs to all!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

PINS Saturday

Today was our Saturday Stitch Luncheon with the PINS group. I'm so glad I was invited to join this group last year. We go and eat at this awesome little country kitchen and they have the yummiest  food. I normally get the vegetable plate. I brought along my best friend Norma in hopes of her liking cross stitch! lol. Well, I'm not too sure she likes it! But I'm not giving up! I need to help her find an easier project to start her off on.
I am doing alot better since my surgery. I kind of did too much too soon, but I'm hoping to feel better soon without any pressure to use the bathroom every 15 minutes. hahahaha  I went back to work on Friday and the kids sure must have missed me alot! Hugs from so many kids. My boss just went with the flow of kids that had to stop and welcome me back. I really do love my job and I hate when I have to miss work. The kids really bring me so much joy to my heart. I can't believe that we only have 18 more school days till summer. It will be here before I know it! I'm looking forward to sleeping in for 9 weeks! hahahaha
I'm trying to get that baby gift completed, I'm running behind as usual. Vision problems hinder my sight, so I'm wearing readers on top of glasses and I use my magnifier lamp too! But you do what ya gotta do! Cause I so love my stitching!
Well, it's late and I should try to get some sleep!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sitting here trying to recover from my surgery on Friday.I had another kidney stone removed. I am a stone making machine.I am chilling out on the couch reading blogs and working on a baby gift! Ariel's shower is May 19th! I also found the cutest little pattern in a Mollie Makes magazine that I'm gonna make too! They are little Llamas! Adorable!
I am looking forward to summertime! We only have 5 more weeks of school left! Yeah!!!! It's hard to think that the school year is almost over. It just seemed like yesterday was the first day of school. Time doesn't slow down at all anymore. 
After I recover, I'm gonna restart my workout program. I've got 15 more pounds to go until I reach my goal. I'm so close to my goal, so I am very happy where I am right now, but I'd like to be a tiny bit smaller if possible. So I know I can do it! 
I'll post pictures of the little Llamas once I get them started!
Hugs to all my friends!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The boring IV time......

Today was my IV for Remicade. Since I've had an allergic reaction the past 2 treatments, they premeditated me and the medrol has made me sick to my stomach! Ugh!!! But hopefully I will start to feel better soon. I will be starting a new medicine to help me sleep. I have been having such a hard time sleeping lately and I told Dr. Jonnala and so she's adding a new med to the arsenal of meds I take. Crossing my fingers that it works!
It only took 3 tries to get the IV started! They talked to me again about a port, but the port issue is once I have it, I won't be able to lift 50 pounds anymore. And I need to be able to do that for my job!
I'm still working away on my 6 Fat Men, I'll take a picture and post tomorrow. It's slowly coming along, I plan to stitch tomorrow night, just didn't stitch tonight since my stomach hurt.
Well, it's night time!
See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More on 6 Fat Men!

Another quick picture on 6 Fat Men! This is gonna be such a cute pattern! I can't wait to have it finished! We don't get enough snow down here, so I can look at this and think of snow! :)
It's late, so I'm gonna keep it short tonight!
Btw, my son Jacob got a job at Kroger, so now both of my boys are working for Kroger, just wish it was the same location. I'll be travelling taking him back and forth until he can save enough for his own car!
Hugs and lots of joy to you!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sitting here resting my eyes! Well, sorta! :)

Well, I went to the eye doctor finally. I shouldn't have waited as long as I did. I have several things that are wrong! hahaha
1. Sjogren's Syndrome=Dry Eye, blocked tear ducts.
2.Retinal tear
3.Corneal scratches
4. Ocular inflammation
5. Cataracts (can you believe this! They are small, but I thought you were older when you got those! hahaha)
I will be on eye drops forever now for the Sjogren's Syndrome. I will take steroid eye drops for 8 weeks and then I will be re-evaluated to determine if I need some kind of tear duct plugs.

It's no wonder my eyes have been hurting me! My vanity in not wanting coke bottle glasses might have been my undoing. Oh well, I'll do fine, just might have thicker glasses. Boohoo! Be prepared Johnny, I'm ordering the thinnest lenses they make baby!

I'm hoping my eyes will feel better this evening so I can stitch. I have the font on size Largest to be able to see since my eyes are still dilated. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
I'm glad that my vision will hopefully start to get better in about 8 weeks, I will need a new prescription, but not until I finish the steroid drops.

Now on to exciting stitchy news! I have found the newest magazines that I must subscribe to.
Primitive Quilts and Projects and Mollie Makes(this one is a UK magazine)
Love them! I'm gonna take them with me this Tuesday night to my Hooty Girl stitch group!
I know Trish will love the Primitive Quilts one!
Well, my eyes are burning so I'll sign off for now!
Have a happy day y'all!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Update on 6 Fat Men!

Good goobbly moobbly! I am the slowest stitcher! It has been so hard to see, that I finally broke down and made an appointment with the eye doctor. I go Monday morning at 8:45! I will have to leave very early cause I gotta go to Sandy Springs Area! Yikes! Traffic is not gonna be great! :(

We are on a mini vacation from school for President's Day. We got Friday and we will get Monday off too. So I'm excited to sleep in! I'm ready for summer. lol
I'm waiting on my Mary Kay girl to get here! Jill keeps my face looking great as usual with their great products. I'm alittle concerned cause they are discontinuing the Classic line and they are trying out the Botanical line. We shall see. My skin is already so very temperamental as it is, so I'm hoping for good things and not skin problems. Crossing my fingers!

Gonna go for my walk as soon as Jill leaves. I'm about to go commando on my workout and diet. I've hit a horrible plateau and I'm frustrated. I've got 15 more pounds to lose. I am stuck at 172, and I wanna be 160. I'm gonna change up my diet and as much as I feel this is wrong, I need to eat more. Matt says I'm starving my body and it is holding on to dear life to the fat that I've got! lol. I do realize that I've come far since starting my decision to be a healthier person. When I look back at pictures of me at 245, it makes me sad that I let myself get that fat. But, not anymore!
Just gotta keep plugging along!
Y'all have a great day!!!
I'm gonna stitch and finish that block today!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More on 6 Fat Men!

It's slowly coming along! I am such a slow stitcher! Unlike Trisha from the Hooty Girls! She is a speed stitcher! Puts me to shame! lol I so need to get my eyes checked, I am having to use readers on top of my glasses and it's getting worse! My PsA meds make it so hard too, vision blurriness and changes stink.
This Saturday is our PINS group, and I'm looking forward to it. I've missed the last 2 meetings due to being sick and my momma being in the hospital, so I'm crossing my fingers that I make this one!
My Remicade seems to not be working like it used to, and I'm worried cause that medicine was such a life saver. I don't want to relapse, my feet hurt something fierce at night and my back is being a major punk. I need daily back rubs! Which I don't get. :( Oh well, I can get them, but I would have to pay for them! Massage Envy here I come! My co-worker Chantel gave me a gift card for an hour massage and I'm gonna use it after my Feb.1st IV treatment!
Hope to get some stitching done tonight!
Sending my love out to a very special friend tonight! Hope you feel better!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

6 Fat Men!

Here we are! The beginning of LK's 6 Fat Men! I know I should have started this earlier, but that's ok, maybe I can have it completed by next Jan. I love her patterns and I know this one will be fun to stitch!
I want to thank Trisha from The Hooty's Girls! I love it! And yes, it's a tea cosy, but I'll use it as a hat! lol It fits me to a tee!

Gonna eat supper! Be back later!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

A new year has come, and I'm excited for new wonderful changes in my life! I have been made so happy lately that it makes my heart burst with gladness!
I have started on 6 Fat Men by Lizzie Kate! I got my linen from Abcedarius, Susan the shop owner was so nice to us. The Hooty Girls went shopping! Thanks to Liz for driving! It was awesome riding in her race car!
I'll post pictures soon on my LK start!

Love and hugs,