Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Practice Band Pictures

We let the band members dress up in their costumes for practice. It is always fun to see what these kids come up with. Jacob re-created the bad guy from Batman. he made the mask from burlap, he cut and stitched it and then he coffee bean dyed it. He did a great job I think.

I know I don't post alot about Jason, but I will today. He is in Stagecraft at school and they are doing the play The Crucible. They had a competition last week with the play, but they didn't place. So everyone was bummed. Jason is part of the crew that built the set. We are gonna go and see the set this week. Jason is such a different personality then his brother, Jason is more subdued and quiet, I worry because he doesn't seem happy. But he is almost 19, he's becoming a man and not the little boy who needs his momma. How sad for me.

We voted! I'm hoping that McCain can pull a victory. Times have shown us that when a Democrat is in office, the construction field is weak, no jobs for John. But since the Republicans are in office, work has been strong for John. I'm hoping that John will still have a job in December.

I am hoping to have Rowyn's RR finished tonight! Then I will work on assembling my Thanksgiving exchange ornie! I plan to have it ready to go out in the mail by this weekend.

John and I will share our 21 wedding anniversary on Nov. 7th. Shhhhhh ! I'm hoping for jewelry!

I won't be too disappointed if I don't, but it has been more than 3 years since I've received any sparkly goodness! hahahaha

I'm feeling better, but my doctor thinks that maybe I am experiencing a RA/PsA flare. So I'm taking my meds, but still feel tired. I did talk openly to my boss about my condition and she was very helpful and concerned. Being the main cashier has helped. I'm hoping to become the head cashier when the other lady retires.

Well, I want to stitch so I'll leave you with a smile and a hug for all who waited in line to vote! I waited 2 hours and twenty minutes! Hope it was worth it!



Cindy F. said...

The band dressing up---how fun!!!
I love it! Now why didn't we think of that back in the 1900's??
Love Jacob's mask!
Congrats on your approaching #21!! That is wonderful:) I hope you get a sparkly!!
Glad you're feeling better and have a nice boss!
Have fun stitching!

Michele said...

love the pictures of the band dressing up! what a hoot :)

I'm sorry about John and jobs .. that's definately no fun! My DH is an architect, we definately know about slow times .. although the correlation for him hasn't been who's in power, some of our worst years were when Republicans were in office .. I wonder if it has more to do with the state Government? I sure hope things pick up for John.

Happy Anniversary! 21 years is awesome!

Anonymous said...

well the band did look scary love the mask welldone him congrats on your 21st anniversary i hope he got you the sparkly you wanted it..lol