Sunday, January 5, 2014

First ever knitted Cowl!

My first ever knitted cowl! Sweet! I bought this yarn from the Yarn Garden in downtown Lawrenceville. I wished I remembered the name and brand of the yarn! Lol
It is very soft and cozy feeling! 
Looks like I'll be getting to sit and knit a lot soon. My results from my MRI are bad news. :(
I have torn 2 of my hamstring tendons from the sit bone. :( totally pulled them off my butt bone! Ugh! Next up is 2 PRP injections in the hamstring region and hope for healing to start, they do the PRP injections one at a time, truthfully, they are horrible! The one I had in August put me down for 5 days! John had to help pick me up, the ortho doc wants to try this first before he decides to cut me open, cause if I have to do that route, I'll be in a leg brace for 6 weeks, then rehab. Ugh! 
Who would have ever though this would knock me out for the game! Pray friends, I'm despondent and depressed about not being able to just hop up and go do what I want. 

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Lisa said...

Donna, I love your cowl. It is beautiful. I am so sorry to hear about your hamstring tendons. I pray the injections help so that you don't have to have the surgery. You are in my thoughts and prayers! I will send some positive vibes in your direction. Take care my friend!