Saturday, August 2, 2008

Band camp finally over!

Well, I'm totally wiped out. Gosh I hope next year camp is not the same week as my in service. It was crazy. Going to work, rushing to the school to help with camp, as of yesterday's count I altered 28 uniforms. Whew! I've got maybe 11 or 12 more to do this weekend. I've got to have them ready by Wednesday. The kids will have pictures made on Thursday.
We had a talent show on Thursday and my Jacob won the talent show contest. He is such a clown, the kids loved him and gave him a standing ovation. He played his ocarina flute from the Legend of Zelda! Teens apparently still like Zelda!
I know John is glad for me to be home again. He braved a whole week of not having dinner fixed and ready for him when he gets home from work. Thank you John! He knows how important band is in our house!
I've no stitching to show you, but hope to have something soon!
I may go take a nap, it's noon and I'm still exhausted. Oh, for my friends and family concerned about my Remicade treatment. Well, my treatment was postponed. Our insurance has informed us that Remicade is too expensive to cover. I have to pay $2500 per treatment if I want the treatment. an I was scheduled to have 4 treatments within a 2 month period. Well, folks, that's $10,000.00 that I have to pay out of my pocket. No reimbursement either. We cannot afford this treatment. I'm devastated. I was hoping to finally have something that would help me, and now my insurance company has put a limitation on that drug. It stinks! so Dr. Jonnala is gonna try to find me a sponsor, I don't have much faith that I'll get the sponsorship since we have insurance. Oh well. What can I do?
Sorry to be such a downer there. But, other than that, we are ok.


Shelley said...

Wow, you have been busy!

I want to say how sorry I am about your insurance fiasco. Insurance is a mixed blessing, that's for sure. I hope you find an alternative soon.

Anonymous said...

sorry to here about your insurance fiacoso but congratualations on the talent contest just remember its your hoiday too share time amongst kids and yourself lol

Stargazer said...

I'm thrilled that Jacob won!!! He is talented - he will need to play for us next time we are over. The girls would love it.
Sorry about the insurance - they are probably waiting on a generic version to be allowed. In the meantime I guess advil and cream will be the inadequate the solution (wink).
So, how is the new school? Are the ladies nice and relaxed or does it seem uptight and yet another power trip??? Talk to you soon! JO

Michele said...

welcome back from Band Camp .. sounds like it all went well! and Congrats to Jacob :)

wow, that just sucks about your insurance! I sure hope you aren't letting this drop. Hopefully your doctor can help, maybe writing the insurance company and explaining? Big Hugs Sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Mine's "Life's A Banquet." Anyway, while I'm unsure if your treatment was for RA, Lupus or similar diseases, I really wanted to ask you to have your doctors test you for Vitamin D deficiency! I've been battling RA and fibromyalgia and we've recently found the Vitamin D link and my complete deficiency. My poor cousin, who was diagnosed with MS years ago and has undergone years of treatment - well they believe now they've misdiagnosed that as well for - you guessed it -Vitamin D deficiency! Please try anyway or take a look on the web. If it would help in anyway, it would be a blessing.