Monday, August 25, 2008

Finished Biscornu/Now to assemble!

Wish me luck with the assembly. I probably won't assemble it just yet, I've put it up for safe keeping. It is for a exchange that is upcoming. I'm now working on a MAW exchange. I'm excited to say that I get to make Edgar's wish. So my fingers will be stitching like a mad demon to finish by the weekend.

We will have a busy weekend. It's a 3-day holiday for school, Labor Day and all. We have a football game Friday, cookout on Saturday, a birthday party on Sunday and then Monday off to relax!

Whew, I'm already tired just thinking about it. And it's just Monday!

I'm gonna go stitch! But, not on anything fun. I've got 5 more uniforms left to do. They never seem to be finished.

Oh well!



Karol said...

I have awarded you the love your blog award!

Paisley said...

What a cute Halloween biscornu! Can't wait to see it assembled!

I wanted to let you know I passed the "I Love Your Blog" award on to you! Your blog never fails to put a smile on my face! Feel free to pass it on to others!

Lelia said...

Awesome Halloween project!! Looking forward to seeing it finish-finished : )

Anonymous said...

Cute biscornu.

Michele said...

That is adorable! Come on .. we want to see it assembled :)

Lennu said...

What a cute biscornu, I'd love to see it assembled!