Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A little bit more on Daisy, Daisy....

I tell you what, I so love those Belle Soie threads. MMmmmm, silk threads! Stitches like butter, so soft and glides thru my linen. I've been stitching on this piece, plus a special design that I have designed myself. I'm hoping that it will be for this upcoming Camp I Wanna Stitch. Cross your fingers friends! Stitching is finished, now tomorrow will be spent putting everything together!

We are gearing up for SOAR at the end of the month. John, Jacob and I will travel up to Rome to visit the college and Jacob will get registered. He gets to sleep on campus while we will get a hotel room for the night. 1 mini vacation! lol

Last night was a Mary Kay spa type night. I got a mini neck massage, had my eyebrows threaded. (I was surprised that it didn't really hurt, just felt funny!) It was fun and I got to see the newest upcoming colors for summer. I love the new green eye shadow!

Well, here we are again, after midnight once again! I've got to get out of this habit, but it's so nice getting to sleep in everyday and pretty much doing what I want for a change! YES!

Have a great night friends!



Carol R said...

'do' - sorry I got carried away with your verse!

diamondc said...

A Mary Kay night is what everywoman needs, I had a pedi this morning what a treat.
I encourage everyone to have one, love your site.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful threads!

Kim B said...