Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Poor Car is Struggling to Survive with 2 Teens!

My poor car is only 4 years old, but it looks older due to all the dings and dents and scratches that it has incurred with Jason and Jacob learning to drive. We've put Jacob on the fast track to get his license before he goes off to college. But, after today, maybe it will be better for all of GA if he waits to get his license. Yup, totally ripped off the passenger side door mirror. Scratched the hood and down the passenger front panel. Sigh...............:( This poor car is destined to be destroyed! I'd only had the car for 3 months when Jacob dented the front left panel. 2 separate incidents with rocks busting my windshield, Jason denting the under door on the passenger side, Jason hitting a curb and blowing the tire and messing up the wheel. I too have added my mark, though it wasn't really my fault, a lady from school was helping me back out of the crowded school parking lot, and she says, your in the clear, NOT! I backed into the fire hydrant, so that dent is mine, but that's the only one from me!
Plus having boy drivers on the policy is just about killing us, $$$$$$! I have not turned in anything because I have been fearful of our rates going thru the roof! Or being cancelled on! Plus we still have 1 more year to pay on it! Hang in there car! We really need you!
Lord, please watch over my boys when they borrow my car and watch over all the other drivers that pass them on the road! Amen!
Night friends!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Ahh the joy of teenagers! LOL!

Kim B said...

I tell myself that my babies will be babies forever and I will never have to deal with new drivers when I read things like this! Good luck to you and your poor car!!