Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

I hope everyone is having a superb week! Ours has been busy, what time is? Band time! I am seriously gonna crash and burn next year without this to do! I do love it so. Remember when I said I was gonna have helpers? Well, life threw my helpers a couple of curve balls. One had to go back to work sooner than they thought. The other, sick parent that needs care out of state. I'm glad that I was able to get alittle help last week. I will be in overdrive till next Wednesday. A small wrench was tossed in my lap. Band pictures will be the end of next week! Yikes! (Now, why did I think this year was gonna be easy? hahaha)

Jacob, Michael and I were goofing off in the uniform room. One thing about my boy is, you can never stay mad at that one! He really is fun to be around with. Plus his friends are truly blessings from God. This one, pictured with Jacob is such a weight conscious fiend. He's on the Varsity Wrestling Team, he was boohooing to me about needing to cut 16 pounds. Now Michael doesn't have and extra 16 pounds to lose. What is it with these coaches? I worry when they come to me, you gotta play it cool and they know Mama B is there for any of them. OMGosh! I'm gonna miss these kids. I better start taking more pictures!
On to stitching news, I have picked out what I'm stitching for my Christmas Yearly Exchange Ornie! I'm thrilled, I got the best material for the backing! I know Julianne is gonna love it! No pictures! I put my linen for the last Quaker RR in the Q-Snap to work on tonight! Yea! I'm not even gonna complain about the devil's horns!
Well friends, it's supper time, and both my boys are hollaring "What's for supper?" Burgers and Dogs!
I'm thankful for my little fan in the uniform room! It helps keep me cool!


Kim B said...

You are amazing! What a great momma you are!

Tammy said...

Great pics! I agree with what you said about the coaches. That's so tough on kids. Looking forward to seeing your stitching. Yes, some of my meds cause blurriness too---very frustrating!

michelle said...

Those pictures are funny and sweet.

CindyMae said...

Great pics, looks like you were all having a great time!