Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What a day!

Funerals make you stand back and think, am I right with God? I have no doubt that I will go to heaven, but am I truly living in the way God would want me too? Uncle Andrew and Aunt Ruth have been a member of the same church for forever, over 20 odd years. I wish that John and I had that. I am gonna start looking for a church that we both can attend as a couple instead of me trying to struggle with being a catholic all my life. John is all for that too, so it gives me hope.

Now on to stitching, finally started my Liberty, I'll post a picture tomorrow, I hope to have at least the red stripes completed on the hat. I'm thinking that I'll take Jazzy with me to the cross stitch shop tomorrow. I need to start picking out some house patterns. I've got 3 signed up so far for the round robin. I'll be happy to have one more or 3 more. 6 is the number that I think we will close with.
Until tomorrow!


Cheryl said...

Funerals sure do do that to you. I hope you find a church, it will be so great and so beneficial for you to go as a couple.
Ive been doing some RR promotion on my blog :) I think Ranae has left a comment on the RR blog for you and Tintock Tap commented on my blog that she might be interested too

DaisyGirl said...

Thanks Cheryl,
I emailed Ranae today. How's your square coming along?

Julie said...

Hi Daisy, though I really want to do a RR, I'm going to pass on it this time. Sorry, but I just have to recognize I can't do all I want right now. Maybe in another year. I look forward to following your RR. You have great taste in patterns and I look forward to seeing what you decide to stitch.