Friday, February 12, 2010

Do My Eyes Deceive Me? Snow in Dacula?

Yes, we have snow! I didn't think it would happen. We always get teased with the threat of snow, then people go nuts trying to buy out the grocery store, yada yada, just to be disappointed. Well, here in Dacula, when I left my school, it was snowing pretty heavily. Got home, and since I still had my headache from yesterday, I figured, I'm going to bed and try to get rid of my headache. Well, woke up 3 hours later to find we are covered up! Not going anywhere! I had to call my son who was with his buddy to make him promise not to be out in the bad weather! Micheal and Jacob! I will know! Mom's always know! I have spies everywhere! hahahah (You gotta worry about teenage boys!)

The cross stitch shop will be closed tomorrow friends! Just stay home and be safe!

Don't y'all just hate it when you eat a Sugar Baby and it sticks to your teeth? Ugh! I love them, but after 3 little babies, I'm done! Can't take it! Toothbrush, here I come!

Stay Warm My friends!


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Anonymous said...

I love Sugar Babies. But you're right, the stickiness is so annoying as also Milk Duds are.