Friday, February 5, 2010

Had my first swimming session!

Alrighty friends! I went swimming yesterday at the Collins Hill Aquatic Center. When I went in, I asked is there an old lady lap lane? I couldn't help it. I know Dr. J wants me to add low impact exercise to my weekly success story. The swimming wasn't too bad, I did manage to swim 12 laps! Wahoo!!! Now, let me tell you that I was very tired when I finished the laps, but a good kinda tired. I will need to get a snugger bathing suit if I continue, I need lots of support with the top rack. I wore my contacts so that I'd be able to see. I'd sure hate to run into somebody. There wasn't that many at the pool. It's a heated indoor pool and was very relaxing. They did tell me about Tuesday night swim is different, as they change the way the laps travel. But alas, I won't be missing my Stitch-Ins for swimming.

I did work tonight at the shop. I've been getting all our monthly automatics sent out. It's so fun getting these little packages sent out in the mail. Plus getting to see all the new cool stuff! Heaven! I'm in Heaven!

Don't forget about Super Bowl Sunday at The Stitch Store, bring your favorite snacky food to share and lets talk stitching! (No Football allowed!) Only kidding! I know many of you are big fans.

I do think that I'll get to do the Remicade after all. The Remistart Program will pay $4400.00 of the cost, so instead of $5750, it will cost us $1350.00. That's still very expensive, but I need to try it to see if it will help out. My skin rashes are coming back and my right hip is very uncomfortable. Just need to get on the schedule with the Remicade team.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Not too cold or wet, and plans to be surrounded by friends and loved ones!




Cheryl said...

Good on you for going swimming! Im having to swim more at the moment because ive hurt my knee so shouldnt go running.
I would soooo love a LNS! Nothing like that where i live. You're so lucky to work in one. So much temptation though!

Pam said...

I'm glad to hear that you will be able to start the Remicade. I hope that it helps you. The swimming is great exercise! Have fun in the heated water. It must be nice in the middle of the cold, cold winter!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear about the medicine. Doesn't everything always work out??? I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Kim B said...

Good for you with the swimming!