Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My gridding is done! My SIL and her kids!

I have completed my gridding! I am so happy that is finished, I stitched my name and the bear at the dentist's office today. I'm happy how it's turning out.

Yesterday I visited April and her two kids. My niece and nephew, Elizabeth and Jackson. April has MS and is not doing as well as I would hope. I feel guilty being able to walk when she struggles to stand. I am making homemade lasagna to take over to her on Thursday. We had MacDonalds on Tuesday and I told Elizabeth I'd either buy lunch or make something yummy. So I'm gonna make lasagna and sweet tea with cheese bread for us to enjoy.

Concerning my PIF right now I have 3! I think that's great. For those who worried about me, thank you, I seem to be having blond moments more and more! hahaha I really do have light brown/blond hair. So I can make fun of myself!

Anna, I hope your hand is doing better, Julie, I can't wait to see what you create for me! Marie can you email me your address? I'll need it to send your PIF! Cheryl I'm sending you something in the mail! I plan to mail it on Friday.

I'm blessed today, my teeth turned out really nice. (A little secret-I have dentures) My teeth have always been bad, so I decided to get dentures last year. I finally got my permanent set today!

Stitching is planned for tonight!



Michele said...

Wow, what a day. Enjoy your stitching! Lasagna sounds so good.


Vonna said...

You are one busy woman. Just looking at your SIL makes me feel so sorry for her. She looks so frail. I'll keep her in my prayers. The kids are cute and your son looks like he's tolerating them! LOL!
Your RR is going to be gorgeous!
Homemade lasagna and cheese bread :)
Yum-o! And sweet tea to wash it all down with...can I come to eat too?

Cheryl said...

oooh im excited!! Your RR is looking great, i'll have to start thinking about what to stitch on it seeing as it'll be coming to me next!

Julie said...

Good Morning Donna That is very sweet of you to prepare a meal for your SIL. I'm sure she and her family appreciate it. I have some great fix and freeze recipes if you're ever interested.
I love the little bear on your RR. I look forward to seeing what else you have planned for your block.

Heidi said...

Your RR is coming out great and what a nice looking family you have. :)

anna said...

Thank you, Donna, I got GOOD news today, will post on my blog tomorrow as I have a deadline looming for my work tomorrow morning. I so enjoy looking at your photos, they show such family warmth! :)

stitcherw said...

Congratulations on getting your griding done and your name and bear in the one corner, you're really ready to move on this now. :)