Monday, February 18, 2008

Update on RR!

Quick look at my rr today. It's Monday and we have the day off from school, so I'm getting ready to settle down and stitch for awhile. Eating some pasta for lunch, drinking my green tea and then I'm ready.
Hope to be able to have more done today.
Off to stitch!

My Daisy is the best kitty in the world! I just love her to pieces!


Vonna said...

The RR is looking great Donna...I hope you settle in and have a nice long stitch...getting ready to do that myself! :)

stitcherw said...

Cute kitty! Enjoy your stitching day, your RR is looking great.

Tanya said...

That picture of you and Daisy is adorable - you should enlarge it and hang it up. Precious!!!

Nice stitching too :) Hope your week is a good one.

Tanya, who can't seem to get into the taste of green tea :(

tkdchick said...

Enjoy your day of stitching! I know I did!

Leena said...

Your RR looks great! And what a cute cat you have, Daisy looks so sweet :)

anna said...

Just love that picture!!

Wanda said...

I hope you got a lot of stitching done! Your kitty is so cute!!