Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I made a big boo-boo!

I am such a blond! haha To my exchange partners, the candy that was pictured will not be what you get! I'm so sorry. I wasn't thinking about the fact the candy melts in the car during the day. It got up to 82 degrees today! So, when I got to the post office to mail my goodies, I realized that your yummy candies had melted. I changed your candy. I feel so dumb. Oh well, donna moment. You have to realize that this stuff kinda happens to me. I forget things all the time. My husband says I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached to my body.
My Wicked CD came! I am thrilled to have the music to sing along too! That was the best musical yet!
Jason will be getting ready to volunteer for 6 months at the library to earn his Eagle Scout award. I am just so glad he changed his mind. He wanted to quit. He'd earned the merit badges and ranks to achieve Eagle, just got tired with going to scouts every week since he was in 1st grade I guess. Glad he decided to finish.
Well, I promised to make meatloaf tonight, so gonna get started.



Vonna said...

When he's an adult he'll be happy that he finished it. My husband did everything but finish his Eagle Scout and he regrets it...
Had to laugh about the candy...that sound like me :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Your comment on my blog was so sweet! I am honored that you think I remind you of your aunt! Huggles! LOL on the candy. I have those moments too and my hubby says the same thing!