Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Here is Angelynn's grad pics/invitations!

I know that she is not my daughter, but I treat her like one. Money is tight in her household, so Karen(Angelynn's mom) asked if I could help make her invitations. This is what I came up with, they loved it! I think they look awesome. She is gonna be the only graduate there with one of a kind invitations. I used my digital camera, took a few pics, I already had the rubber stamps, we only spent $32 dollars to make her invitations. I'm happy that I was able to help them out.

I almost died when I thought they were gonna vote off Joey. Thank goodness Billy Ray's gone. He wasn't that good of a dancer. I do not want Apollo to win either. Shave off that mess on your face boy! I think Leala needs to win. Her name is most likely misspelled.

We are down to 10 days of school left. I can not wait. I want to sleep in so badly! Jacob's best friend Tommy has moved into our neighborhood. 6 houses down from us. Those boys are just besides themselves. Jason broke up with his girlfriend Casey. I'm glad they are not gonna stay together. Her parents did not like my Jason. I'm biased, but my son is the nicest young man around. New girl in the picture-Amber. As the Bennett boys wheel turns! Stay tuned!

Well, today is the day that john picks up his new glasses. So, I'm gonna sign off for now, John's on his way home from work. Must be ready to go when he gets home!



Vonna said...

Very nice cards! I'm sure your niece was thrilled!

Sandy said...

The graduation cards turned out great and she is so pretty. You were so nice to help them out. TFS

anna said...

I LOVE the cards!!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What lovely photos and how beautiful she is! The cards are wonderful too!

stitcherw said...

The invitations turned out wonderful, they must have been such fun to give and so unique.