Saturday, May 26, 2007

Update on Stitching! Stash Goodies!

Here is my Workbasket reindeer, coming along nicely! I'm stitching this over one thread. It's been rough on the poor eyes, but I like it tiny. I went shopping yesterday to pick out my linen for Fair & Square. I got enough linen for 4 squares right know. I bought the last of that shade of tan. I've got my flosses bought too. I'm gonna start my square tonight! Some lucky partner will be the proud owner of this square. I love this pattern, I'm gonna stitch 2, one for me too!

My hubby has a 3 day weekend. He is so happy. We are planning a cookout for Sunday, with pina coladas to boot! :) We rented 3 movies for the long weekend also. Hope everyone stays safe, I will not be driving this weekend! Be careful! Enjoy your holiday!



Vonna said...

Your reindeer is sweet! I think I'd do it over one too :)
Tantalizing about your square....hmmmm....wonder who your partner will be?!
Have a great weekend...I'm working all three days :(

stitcherw said...

Nice progress on your raindeer, it's looking good, and a very pretty color you picked to do him in. Hope you had fun with your cookout yesterday, it was rainy here so I did mostly indoor stuff.